Valentine Heart-Shaped Paper Banner

The next project is the valentine heart-shaped paper banner. You can make a long string to decorate around your house but you can also make a banner with a small number of hearts just enough to decorate your dessert table.


Here are the materials that you need:

2 8” x 12” red coloured paper
2 coloured papers in pastel colours
1 meter satin ribbon (10mm width)
1 meter red satin ribbon (3mm width)
1 meter pink satin ribbon (3mm width)
6 buttons
White Glue
One Hole Puncher


Step 1: Fold the red papers together, as well as the pastel coloured papers. Draw three half hearts in the middle of the paper. On the pastel papers, make sure the half hearts are a little smaller than the red hearts.


Step 2: Cut the hearts, making sure you have 6 red hearts and 6 pastel coloured hearts.


Step 3: Glue the small pastel heart over the big red heart.


Step 4: Glue a button in the middle of the heart.


Step 5: Cut the pink and red ribbons into 6 equal lengths and tie into ribbons. Glue these ribbons on the middle part of the buttons.


Finish all the 6 heart papers.


Step 6: Punch holes on both the upper portions of each heart.


Step 7: Thread the 10mm red satin ribbon through the hearts, making sure the colours are alternating each other. Hang this banner on the wall of the party area.

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