Using Sequins For Crafting

There are so many things that you can do with sequins. Those shiny little discs that come in all colours  shapes, and sizes can add sparkle to any object and craft project available there is. They are especially much in demand for holiday and Christmas craft projects that brighten any room. Here are four craft projects that you can do with sequins.

The first project is the Christmas ball. If you're tired of your previous holiday's decorations, making your very own customized sequinned balls is as easy as one-two-three. All you need are styro balls in sizes of your preference; glue; ribbon; and plenty of small round sequins in many colours  If you don't like the white background colour of the styro balls, you can paint them with acrylic paint or even spray paint them gold or silver. Once the paint dries, tie a ribbon around the ball so you can easily hang it from your Christmas tree or anywhere you want to place it. You can cover the ball with glue all at once or stick the sequins one by one. You can place a stick in the middle of the ball so your hands won't be able to touch the glue as you fill it with sequins. Start gluing one colour of sequins all around the ball. For a customized appeal, you can form the name of a loved one using another colour of sequins to make it more personal.

The second project is the sequinned bib necklace. Bib necklaces are very hot today because they're a great accessory to add to any simple plain dress. You can wear a bland black strapless dress with the sequinned bib necklace and for sure you will be turning heads anywhere--be it a party or at a candlelit dinner. The materials that you need are: black or white felt fabric; white sequins in round shapes; thread and needle; two jump rings; 20 inches of silver chain; a lock for the necklace; and a pair of pliers. The first thing you do is to cut the felt in any shape and size that you want. You can cut it into a circle or oval or any shape. The next thing is you cut a hole on both ends of the felt fabric, place your jump rings, connect 10" of chain to each jump ring, and attach the lock. You can now start sewing your sequins. Round or oval shaped sequins that are at least 1/2" in diameter are ideal. You wouldn't want to use smaller sizes because that will take too long to sew. So medium sized sequins are the best for this project. Start sewing the bottom part of the felt, overlapping visible threads. Fill the bib with sewn sequins and voila! Your fancy sequined bib necklace is now ready to use for that special date or night out in town.

The third project is very simple to make. One fashion trend that has hit the runway and the streets is the beaded collar. Transform your old white shirt into a hip and trendy top by sewing on sequins to add flair. All you need are an old shirt with a collar, needle and thread, and sequins. There are sequins with unique shapes like stars or hearts so you can also use those. You can fill the entire collar with sequins or sew on just a few. It's up to you. If you opt to sew on spaced sequins, mark the spots where you want to place the sequins then sew them on. You don't have to throw away old clothes just because you're bored with them. You can actually refashion them into trendy and chic pieces by simply sewing on a few sequins.

The fourth project involves gluing sequins on rather ordinary objects that you can find in your own home. If you have old picture frames, you can glue different shapes and colours of sequins around the frames and your teenage daughter or sister can use this to place photos of her and her friends. Fancy trainers are also a big trend today. If you have old white slip on shoes, you can glue silver sequins on the entire shoe and you now have fancy trainers that you can wear with jeans or even with a dress. Use glue stick with a glue gun so that they won't easily fall off once you wear them. They're the most comfortable alternative to fancy high heels.

The possibilities are endless in the use of sequins on any object or clothing that you can find. All it takes are glue, needle and thread, and a little imagination.

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