Tasty Christmas Olive Pingu Penguins!

This is a great way to spice up the olive bowl on Christmas day with Pingu Penguins
The party food is very simple to make and will really wow your guests and family whilst delivering a north pole feel to your display.
For all the olive and cheese fans in your family get ready to wow them with this simple fast idea.
The quantities can vary depending on the number of guests you are expecting so you decide but here is what you need.

Jar Of Black Olives
Tub Of Cream Cheese
Cocktail sticks
A Few Carrots

Two small round Camembert to make your Polar display
Start by cutting one olive in half for the wings and get one whole one for the head
Trim the carrots and cut into small round discs 1cm wide 5mm thick
Cut a quarter out of the carrot base to make the feet and use the quarter for the beak
Place the quarter in the whole olive and leave a little bit poking out to make a beak
Place a blob of cream cheese on the remainder piece carrot base disk - use a tea spoon to get a round shape
Now place the split in half olive on either side of the blob of cream cheese to make the wings
Now push a cocktail stick through the head and place through the remainder of the body and secure into the carrot base for the feet.
Then make as many as you need for your guests

Make your display and your away! - Merry Christmas

pingu penguins

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