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  • Satin Ribbon Crafting Ideas

    Four Simple and Easy-to-Do Crafting Ideas With Satin Ribbon


    Crafting can be enjoyed by anyone and it is very popular with creative individuals. Some do it as a hobby and others actually create crafts professionally. Whether making beautiful things is something that you do for fun or as a living, one trimming that is never absent in any person's craft box is satin ribbon.

    Satin Ribbons are the most versatile trimming that you can find. They come in varying sizes and colours and you can absolutely use them on almost any craft project imaginable. Satin ribbons have ornamental and symbolic functions. Many social awareness projects or organizations use satin ribbons to symbolize support--like the pink satin ribbon for breast cancer awareness and the red one for AIDS. You can find satin ribbons being used for many campaigns and corporate branding. Continue reading

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