Simple Mother’s Day Crafts with Paper Flowers

Mothers are the light of the family, and it’s only fitting that they are given a special day every year where they are celebrated.  But it’s not only actual mothers who receive special attention on this special occasion.

 Sons, daughters, and grandchildren hold the privilege of making this day special for the mothers in their lives.  It is common to give gifts and cake, but the more heartwarming gifts of all are ones that are made from the heart.  This is why home-made cards and DIY gifts are much more appreciated by mothers – as you simply did not just buy them from a store.  DIY gifts show that you took the extra special time to make something that you know will bring a smile to your mum or gran.

Here are two simple Mother’s Day crafts that will surely brighten your mum’s face.  The first one is a paper flower arrangement that your mum can place in the living room of your house or on her desk at the office.  The second one is a quirky paper weight craft that will surely make your mum laugh.

Simple Paper Flower Arrangement.

image 1

The materials that you need are:
5 paper boards of different colors

1 piece of drinking glass or vase
Scotch tape
Glue Gun and Glue Stick
4-6 plastic buttons of different colors and sizes
Satin Ribbon
White Glue
Workable Wire (easily cut with scissors)
A Pair of Scissors

image 2
Step 1: Measure the size of your glass/vase and cover it with paper board in the color of your choice.

image 3
Step 2: Completely cover the glass with the paper board and seal the back with scotch tape.
image 4
Step 3: Tie the satin ribbon around the glass/vase.

image 5
Step 4: Crumple a page of newspaper and fill the bottom of the glass with it. Or you can also use marbles or pebbles. This will help your flowers stand on the glass.
image 6
Step 5: Draw different flowers on each of the colored paper boards, as well as small circles that will serve as the “pollen” part of the flower. Make as many flowers as you want.
image 7
Step 6: Cut the flowers and the circles. Make sure there are equal numbers of flowers to the circles.
image 8
Step 7: Glue the circles to the middle of the flowers. Choose different colors of circles to different colors of flowers.
image 9

This is how the flowers should look like.
image 10
Step 8: Start sticking the buttons to the middle of the flowers. Use the glue stick and glue gun.
image 11
This is how the paper button flowers should look like.
image 12
Step 9: Cut the wire into lengths of 10” each.
image 13
Step 10: Place the edge of the wire in the middle of the back of the flower and place glue stick under and over it.
Step 11: Once the glue stick dries, you can now place the flowers inside the glass and make your very own DIY paper flower arrangement. This will look so pretty when placed on top of the living room coffee table or on your mum’s desk at work.

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