Satin Ribbon Crafting Ideas

Four Simple and Easy-to-Do Crafting Ideas With Satin Ribbon


Crafting can be enjoyed by anyone and it is very popular with creative individuals. Some do it as a hobby and others actually create crafts professionally. Whether making beautiful things is something that you do for fun or as a living, one trimming that is never absent in any person's craft box is satin ribbon.

Satin Ribbons are the most versatile trimming that you can find. They come in varying sizes and colours and you can absolutely use them on almost any craft project imaginable. Satin ribbons have ornamental and symbolic functions. Many social awareness projects or organizations use satin ribbons to symbolize support--like the pink satin ribbon for breast cancer awareness and the red one for AIDS. You can find satin ribbons being used for many campaigns and corporate branding.

Common uses for satin ribbon include using it to decorate presents and creating beautiful flowers used on garments and hair accessories. They can make a bland white box look luxurious and expensive with a simple tie.

Here are four easy-to-do crafting ideas with satin ribbons that will help you create and transform ordinary objects into coveted fashion and decorative pieces.

The Satin Ribbon Friendship Bracelet

The friendship bracelet was very popular during the 1990's and almost every teenage girl at school owned one. Today, many trendy individuals wear fabric bracelets together with their watches and bangles to add that pop of colour and bohemian flare to their accessories. The friendship bracelet is actually very easy to make. All you need are three 1/4 inch satin ribbons at one meter each. You can choose one colour for all three, but using three different colours will make it more interesting. Three inches from the edge of the ribbons, secure it with a knot. You can make your bracelet using the braid knot. Once you're done, secure the edge with one last knot and voila! It's done. You can put it on your wrist by tying the edges together.

The Satin Ribbon Pearl Necklace

Satin ribbons can be used to make an evening accessory that will go with your little black dress. All you need are one piece of white faux pearl bead that's one inch in diameter, four white faux pearl beads that are one half in diameter, and one meter of a 3/4 inch black satin ribbon. Cut the edge of the ribbon diagonally so it will be easy for you to shoot the ribbon through the holes of the beads. Start with two one half inch diameter pearls, followed by the one inch pearl, then lastly, the two remaining beads. Make knots on both the edges of the smaller beads and your pearl necklace is done. You just have to tie it behind your neck to secure the necklace. This necklace will add the sophistication and femininity needed of a simple black dress.

The Party Banner

When you are about to have a party, one of the most important things that you have to do to make your place come alive is to decorate. A party banner is the very piece of party decoration that everyone will see, since it's usually placed behind the cake or any place in the house that's the main area of the party. Making your own banner can save you money and you can do this with a simple satin ribbon. All you need to do is cut out triangles from coloured or board paper, punch two holes on the wide portion on all of them, and string your satin ribbon through the holes.

The Satin Ribbon Skirt Trimming

Using satin ribbons is the quickest and simplest way to add life to any garment. It provides detail and colour to any bland dress. If you have a special occasion to go to but don't want to buy a new dress, you can actually use satin ribbons to refashion your old plain dresses. If you have a white dress, you can add black striped details on the hem of the skirt to make it into a whole different dress. You only need three black satin ribbons in your choice of colour but at three varying lengths---one could be 1/4 inch, the other 1/2 inch, and the last one 1 inch in width. If you have a sewing machine, this project will be very quick to make. All you have to do is mark the circumference of the skirt at nine inches from the hem and sew the 1/4 inch around it. Two inches below that, sew the 1/2 inch ribbon, and the 1 inch ribbon two inches below it. If you don't have a machine, you can also use hand stitches. Once you've done this project, your friends and family won't be able to recognize that what you're wearing is actually a revamped old dress.

There are hundreds of crafts and projects that you can do with satin ribbons. All you need is a little imagination and some creativity, and the possibilities are endless. To purchase any ribbon for your crafting projects please look here

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