Ribbon Halloween Glowing Mummy Light

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Halloween Glowing Mummy Light.  This craft project makes use of a recycled jar and a few meters of satin ribbon.  You can make several mummy lamps and place it right outside your front garden, lighting a pathway to your front door for trick or treaters.  Or, if you have an outdoor party on Halloween, you can place them on tables as centrepieces.


The materials that you need are:

1 empty jar
2 black buttons
6 yards of white satin ribbon
1 candle / tea light (or battery powered tea light)
(Adult supervision required if using a candles)
Glue Stick
Glue Gun

Step 1:  Place glue on the topmost centre of the jar.  Stick the end of the ribbon

Step 2: Cover the entire jar with the white satin ribbon, placing glue on all sides of the jar.  Cover the jar completely until the bottom, showing no signs of the glass.  It's okay if the ribbons don't look perfect – the more imperfect they are the better.  Imagine that these are the bandages of a real mummy.

1   2

Step 3: Place glue on the back of the black buttons and stick them on your ribbon covered jar.

Step 4: If your candle is too tall that the wick can be seen, get an adult to cut the bottom part so that when you look at the jar, you can't see any signs that a candle is inside.  Once you've had  the candle cut to its right size, place glue on the bottom and stick it to the middle part inside the jar.

3   4

Step 5: Your candle should look like this from the top angle. You can always use a battery powered tea light in place of a candle or tealight.

Step 6: If you are using a candle Get an adult to light it for you and your mummy lamp is now ready to use.  Make a few more and use them to light your front garden.  Turn off the lights of your house and allow these mummies to make your house look like the creepiest one on the street.

 5  6

Always remember NEVER leave naked flames unattended and to fully  extinguish after use, we recommend using battery powered tea lights if you wish to leave them unattended

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