Pom Pom Fathers Day Card

Here is a great Fathers Day Craft your little ones can make.

How To Do It

Print out the word  "Daddy" onto a piece of white heavy paper / card. You could also hand-write it if you don't have a printer. Any kind of paper works, but heavier card will have more durability. Make the printing or writing quite large so that if your child places pom poms over the letters you can still read the word.


Pour out some PVA glue into a little dish to make dipping the pom poms easier for them.


Show your child how to dip the pom poms into the glue.


Let them start sticking, you may have a few randomly stuck onto the paper, but it will be great fun.


When they have decided they are done, leave the paper to dry. Let them spent a few more minutes exploring with the glue and some remaining pom poms, this is a fun tactile experience.


You can decorate the card with a personal message using a marker and your done!

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