Mixed Button Craft Ideas

Mixed buttons make an amazing craft item whether they are new, vintage or salvaged from clothing before it is cut into rags. They can be used as an embellishment or design. Use mixed buttons to make a beautiful button dish. It is ever so simple to make a button dish; all that is required are buttons and glue.

button bowl

Make A Button Bowl
What You Will Need
Mixed Buttons
Large paint brush
Ballon & Cup

1. Blow up the balloon to the size you want your dish. Then place it knot down, inside the cup. You may get some glue on the cup, so use a cup that you don't mind getting glue on.
2. Using a paint brush, cover half the balloon with glue. Make sure you have an even coat.
3. Allow the glue to dry completely, forming a protective layer of rubber between the balloon and the buttons.
4. Once the layer of glue is completely dry, start another layer of glue using the paint brush. Start at the top of the balloon and work down, towards the knot. Attach buttons to the layer as close together as they will fit.
5. Continue adding the layer of glue, until half of the balloon is covered in pretty buttons.
6. When all of the mixed buttons are securely in place turn the balloon over so the knot is in the air and the buttons are balanced on the lip of the cup.
7. Allow the layer of mixed buttons to dry completely - this takes about 4 to 6 hours. It might be worthwhile allowing it to dry overnight.
8. Repeat the process of covering the balloon in mixed buttons until half of it is completely covered. Next, it is important to make sure the balloon has 4 layers of glue. Once one layer of glue has completely dried, it is time to put some more glue on it. It is necessary to cover the balloon with 4 layers of glue and allow it to dry overnight.
9. In the morning, when the bowl is completely dry. Use scissors to cut down the knot on the balloon. Then, slowly let the air out. Some glue may drip down, but just peel it back with the scissors.

button star

Make a Button Snowflake
What You Will Need
3 Lolly Sticks
White, silver or mixed buttons

1 start by gluing together the lolly sticks to form a star.

2 Choose from the mixed buttons that you want to use and check that you have enough. It is best to have about six of each button and repeat the pattern on each stem. Lay the buttons out along the sticks to check that they fit and look good. Once the pattern is figured out, lay them out along the table.

3 Glue the buttons on, one by one. If you want to hang up your snowflake allow one of the end buttons to have its holes slightly overlap the tip of the wooden stick, allowing one of the holes to hang the string through. Choose A Nice large button for the middle.
4 When completed, allow to completely dry before hanging up.

Artwork with buttons is great fun for children and adults alike. With so many unusual buttons, there are plenty of art designs that can be created. Spare buttons can be used to design art work or spray paint. Children will love getting messy and having fun with pictures. It is really easy to make button magnets. They only take five minutes to make and use hardly any equipment.


Make Button Magnets
What You Will Need
Soap & Water

1 Choose a few buttons that you particularly like.
2 Clean your button using some soapy water, then pat them dry so that the glue will stick to it better.
3 Cut a magnetic strip, smaller than the button.
4 Add a little glue to the back of the button.
5 Glue the magnet to the back of the button, pressing for a few moments to make sure it sticks properly.

button bou

Make a Button Bouquet
Women can save a lot of money on their wedding bouquet by making it out of buttons.

What You Will Need
A mixture of buttons
26 gauge florist wire
Pipe cleaners
Bouquet holder

1 Choose a selection of the buttons
2 Thread the buttons on to the florist wire
3 Wrap the pipe cleaners around the florist wire to give it more support
4 Make up about 100 stems by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the wire
5 Once all of the stems are completed, twist bunches of them together and wrap them together until you see a bouquet shape taking place.
6 Use the bouquet holder to hide all of the wires.
7 Remove the bouquet holder and cover the stem in double sided carpet tape.
8 From the bottom upwards, tightly wrap ribbon around the stem and tie in a knot, at the top.
9 Place the bouquet holder back on and add some pretty ribbon tails. You can do this by tying ribbon around the bouquet and hiding it under the holder, allowing only the tails to peep out.
10 Cover the end of the holder in more carpet tape and ribbon.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities with buttons and it is worth familiarising yourself with them. Many of these craft ideas are great to do with children. Children love exploring new craft ideas and they will enjoy them more with a parent. There are so many buttons to choose from; blue, mixed, orange, black, green, lilac, pink, purple and red to name a few.


Make Button Flower Craft
What You Will Need
Colourful felt
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters

1 Cut a variety of flower shapes out of the felt.

2 The buttons serve as the centre of the flower. Whatever size button will determine the size of the flower. Cut a piece of floral wire for each flower. The wire must be about 20" in length, or twice as long as the flower stem.

3 Assemble the flower by poking one end of the wire through the centre of the flower. Push the wire halfway through the flower. Poke the same wire through one of the holes in the button.

4 Push the button down so it is right next to the flower. The same wire must be bent, poked through the other hole in the button and back through the flower. The wire must be snug against the button.

5 To complete the flower, twist the ends of the wire together up the flower to make a stem.

There’s lots of different ways you can finish these depending on your skill level but here are a two examples for inspiration

button flowers

button flowers 2

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