Harvest Festival Apple Wreath

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Another great children’s craft project is the apple wreath. This is great for decorating blank walls or on your main door as a welcome décor for your guests as they enter your house or class room.
Adult help supervision required if you going to be doing this with your children

The materials that you need are:

image 1

3" x 8" Coloured Felt – Yellow, Red, Green
2" x 3" Brown Felt
8" x 12" Cardboard Paper
3" x 3" Cardboard Paper
1 yard of Red Ribbon
Any Circle Flat Object that fits into a 3" x 3" space
1 Glue Stick
Glue Gun
A Pair of Scissors
Needle and Thread

image 2     image 3

Step 1: Trace 9 circles on the 8" x 12" cardboard.
Step 2: Draw an apple on the 3" x 3" cardboard.

image 4    image 5

Step 3: Cut out the apple drawing. This will serve as your apple template.
Step 4: Cut out the circles from the cardboard. These will serve as the backing for the felt apples.

image 6    image 7

Step 5: Using the apple template, trace the apple onto the green, yellow, and red 3" x 8" felt.
Step 6: Trace the apple one by one on each felt, creating 3 apples for each colour.

image 8   image 9

Step 7: You can cut the apples one by one or place them on top of the other when you cut to make it faster.
Step 8: Cut 9 "stems" from the brown felt. Cut 9 leaves from the green felt that was used on the apples.

image 10   image 11

Step 9: Prepare all your felt materials and the circle cardboards. Check if you have 9 apples, 9 brown stems, 9 leaves, and 9 circles.
Step 10: Place glue on the back of the circle cardboards.

image 12   image 13

Step 11: Stick the cardboard on the back of the felt apple. Stick all the cardboards to the back of the rest of the apples. The cardboard circles will make your felt apples sturdy.
Step 12: Place glue on the brown stem and stick the top and centre of the apple.

image 14   image 15   image 16

Step 13: Place glue on the leaves and stick them to the base of the brown felt.
Now your apples are all ready to make into a wreath.
Step 14: Form a circle with the apples, alternating between colours, and overlapping each other. Place glue on the part of each apple that touches the other. Stick each apple one by one until you form the wreath. Make sure all apples are sticking together by lifting them up.

image 17

Step 15: Fold the ribbon in half and sew it to the stem of the uppermost apple collage.

image 18

And now your apple wreath is done. You can hang this on a wall, on a door, and absolutely anywhere in your house. You can also make other fruits and vegetables. Just remember to make them in 3 different colours to make them really attractive.

Download your own copy to keep and share  Harvest Festival Download 2

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