Felt Witch Can Table Decoration

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This Halloween craft project is easy to make and it’s called the Felt Witch Can.  The witch has long been a popular symbol for Halloween, as they are often depicted as evil, old, and scary looking.  They have straw like wild hair, big noses, yellow teeth – and don't forget the green skin.  Create your iconic witch by using a recycled can and some felt cloth

The materials that you will need are:


A small empty can
Glue Gun
Glue Stick
3 meters of purple satin ribbon
Black Felt
Green Felt
Yellow Felt

Step 1: Measure the can and cut the green felt, making it big enough to cover the entire can. Place glue vertically on one area of the can and stick the edge of the felt.
The can should look like this.
Step 2: Start making the face of the witch by sticking the black buttons to the felt to serve as the eyes. Cut a small circle with the green felt and stick it on the can to serve as the nose.

1  2

Step 3: Cut a small piece of black felt to serve as the mouth, and cut small pieces of the yellow felt to serve as the teeth. Stick the teeth onto the black mouth and stick the mouth onto the can to complete the face of the witch.
Step 4: Cut small pieces of the purple satin ribbon, about 7 pieces of 1.5" in length. Stick them above the eyes of the witch to serve as the bangs.

3  4

Step 5: Cut different lengths of the purple ribbon, about 4" long, and stick them around the can to serve as the hair. Don't make the length uniform – the less perfect the better.
Step 6: Create the witch's hat by tracing the can onto the black felt. Cut the rim of the hat, and the hat itself.

5  6

Step 7: Place glue on the top of the can and stick the rim of the hat. Create a gather on the rim's front so that it won't cover the face of the witch.

Step 8: Place the hat on top of the rim and that's it, your Witch Can is now ready to use. Place this on your patio, or on your window, or on top of shelves and tables for a spooky decoration that will definitely give your house that Halloween spirit.

7  8


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