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Felt Ribbon Heart Pillow Case

Here are the materials that you need:

Grey Felt Pillow Case (12” x 12”)
Grey Felt 12” x 6” in size
2 meters of  10mm red satin ribbon
2 meters of  10mm pink satin ribbon
2 meters of  light pink satin ribbon
Glue Stick
Glue Gun


Step 1:  Draw a heart in the middle of the pillow case and set aside.

Step 2:  Cut the ribbon into strips of 10” in size.

Step 3: Glue the ribbons on the tip of the drawn heart, alternating between colours.
Step 4: Glue the rest of the ribbons horizontally on the left side of the drawn heart. Make sure to alternate between the 3 ribbon colours.
Step 5: Start weaving the ribbons going over then under the vertical ribbons.

The ribbons should now look like this.
Step 6:  Start gluing the ribbons onto the pillow case.

Step 7:  Cut the edges of the ribbons to form your heart.


Step 8: Fold the grey felt over the heart and draw half a heart 1” bigger.
Step 9: Draw half of the heart on the felt creating a heart frame.

Step 10: Cut the heart frame.
Step 11: Place glue on the back of the heart frame and stick it around the ribbon heart on the pillow case. Make sure there are no ribbons that stick out of this frame. If there are, simply cut the ribbon that are sticking out.


And that’s it!  Place your throw pillow inside the felt pillowcase for your huggable woven heartfelt pillow case.  Make a few more of these in different colours and place them on your sofa to truly celebrate and welcome Valentine’s Day.

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