Fast Easy Hair Clips

Do you want to help your daughter make some Barbie style super stylish hairpins? Great looking hair pins can be really expensive. So, the best option is to make your own stylish hairpins. You can use colourful mixed buttons and get some great designs.

DIY Button Hairpins Craft For Kids

What you need
1) Mixed Buttons
2) Super glue
3) Plain Hairpins

Hair clips can be expensive with nice decorations so these ones will have your friends asking where you bought them, nothing can be better than having Barbie doll style hair clips that are cool and funky, your kids will love them.

DIY Button Hairpins Craft For Kids
Get a few simple hairpins from the market and transform them into stylish accessories. For hairpins you can select a colour of your choice. You can even make these hairpins for a special dress or may be for your birthday.

DIY Button Hairpin Craft For Kids
Use a strong glue to stick your buttons to the hairpin. Ideally adults should do the super gluing and don't let your children use super glue unsupervised. Start by sticking a button on the flat part of the hairpin.

DIY Button Hairpins Craft for Kids
Add more colourful buttons on top of the first button for a more stylish look. Make your own designs and have fun!

Make a few more!

They even make as great gifting ideas. Gift it to friends and family. They will surely love them.

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