Easy Roses With Satin Ribbons

Have you often wondered how they make those beautiful roses made of silk or satin ribbons? They are becoming more and more popular now especially for special occasions such as wedding, christenings and anniversaries. The reason is simple you can keep them forever and they make a wonderful keepsake.

You need to learn how to make them first of course but practise makes perfect and your skill level will grow and grow just like a beautiful rose.

This is just a basic example but people do this professionally and make a good living out of it so try with this example and see where it takes you.

If you get really good at it then i'm sure you will be inundated with requests from your friends and family to make them for them. Silk ribbons have a wide range of uses but I just love silk flowers.

Here are the instructions:

Cut the ribbon to your desired length. In this example the ribbon is 25mm. For a smaller roses you can use 20mm 15mm or 10mm ribbon or use a mix of sizes. Thread your needle with matching thread and then knot the end. We recommend using double sided satin ribbon but If you are using a ribbon with one “good” side, start with the “good” side down.

1               2
Fold down one corner edge on the ribbon and sew a few small stitches. Then roll your ribbon five or six times and sew a few stitches to secure it.

3               4
Then fold your ribbon at about a 45 degree angle. Then roll your ribbon along the fold until the fold disappears.

5              6
Now secure the ribbon with a few stitches. Be sure the stitches secure all the layers. Stitches at just the bottom of the rose will not secure all the layers. Then fold again at 45 degree angle.

7               8
Now roll it again along the fold until the fold disappears. Continue folding and rolling to the end of the ribbon. You can change the look of the rose by varying the angle and the tightness of your rolled rose.

Fold under the end of the ribbon and secure with stitches, and your flower is done.

The ribbon roses are now ready for you to decorate with. So you can use them for bouquets, displays, hair bands etc.













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