Easy Craft Button Fridge Magnets

Here is a quick and easy craft idea that is a lot of fun to create.

Is your fridge covered in postcards, shopping lists and lovely paintings brought home from school? Well I know mine is and everything was held on with various stickers, blue tac, you name it. Then one good gust of wind from the back kitchen door and half of it would be on the kitchen floor.

A great way to keep everything in place and orderly is with fridge magnets, now I know you can buy these for a few pounds but wouldn't it be great if you created your own? Better still it would be very rewarding for your little ones to create their own fridge magnets.

Using old buttons is ideal for this but essentially you can stick anything with a flat back to the magnet if you don't have lots of crafting buttons around.
Nearly every house has a tin with a few old buttons or you can buy 100g of our mixed buttons here for only £2.99 with free shipping on UK deliveries.

fridge 1

Have a good look around and see what unusual buttons you can find around the house.

fridge 2

Buy some magnets from ebay or amazon they should only cost a couple of pounds

fridge 3

Then hot glue the back of the buttons you have chosen to use


fridge 4

Stick the magnet on to the back of the button and leave to dry

fridge 5

Try and choose colours that will complement the kitchen colours and have fun being creative
Great little tip: When you buy new clothes always hang on to the spare buttons they provide with them as you never know what crafting projects you might need them for in the future.

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