Button Easter Eggs

Button Easter Eggs

The use of buttons as a setting for craft ideas has never really failed to amaze most crafters and we have a great craft idea for Easter that can let you create amazing looking eggs to wow your friends and family.

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Things you need

  1. Styrofoam eggs
  2.  Mixed buttons in similar shades
  3. Acrylic paints if you like, similar colour to your buttons
  4. Craft or Jewel Glue
  5. Ribbons
  6. Crafting pins
  7. Egg Cup For Display if you not using Ribbons To Hang



1. Start painting your Styrofoam eggs in a lighter shade along with the color of your buttons. It will give a beautiful background in your buttons and to fill in the line spaces behind any gaps you leave.

2. Bring out your jar of buttons or purchase some inexpensive buttons from Anycraft. We have plenty of buttons for sale that you can use. You can use any colour combinations to create different shades of egg to suite your themes.


3. Start placing glue on the buttons all over the entire surface of the Styrofoam egg. Search for crafting glues as these are ideal for sticking buttons in place as there should be no need to press the buttons to firmly, then you can pin them in position.

4. The bottom easily holds on immediately leaving you free to glue the other button. Just leave the part that goes into an egg cup to be sure of that the egg stands without wobbling.

5. You may put a special favourite button and placed it on the centre then arrange the rest around it.

6. Take a nice button and insert it vertically at the top. Push the bottom of the button through the Styrofoam to stay in place.

7. Use a nice ribbon to wrap around the middle and tie into a bow or loop so you can use to hang from your window.

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