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Easter Chick Hair Clip

One of the favorite things when it comes to the Easter holidays is to indulge one’s self in the presence of creating different types of craft ideas. The Easter break is not just about chocolate, ok well maybe it is but there are lovely craft things you can do too!! As we know that finding things to do with your little ones is always on the agenda.  Here at Anycraft we are constantly looking for craft ideas for children and adults too.

Every Easter, Crafty parents are always looking and searching out for some new craft designs that either they can do or will be suitable for activities over the break. We have created a simple easy to do Easter hair clip that is fun to make and your little daughters will love it. You can use any sort of ribbon really but yellow is best and we do have a selection on the site here

Materials you need:

  • 3/8 light yellow ribbon
  • 3/8 light yellow ribbon
  • 3/8 yellow ribbon
  • 3/8 ribbon of choice
  • Hair clip
  • Candle
  • Glue stick
  • Tweezers
  • Needle & Thread
  • 2 pcs of sequins/small eyes

How to make it

  • Glue 3 inches of ribbon to the hair clip
  • For the body, cut 2.5 inches of yellow ; cut 3 inches of yellow ; cut 3.5 inches of yellow
  • For the face, cut 2 inches of ribbon only
  • For the wings, cut 1.5 inches of pink; angle the tips of the wings
  • For the beak, cut in a small triangle size
  • For the bowtie, cut 2 inches long
  • Glue the ends of each face and body part together at a 90 degree angle
  • Glue the cream loop to clip
  • Then glue wings 90 degree angle and attach above the yellow loop
  • Glue face to edge of the clip, overlapping the both wings
  • Glue the yellow lops together and attached to the body
  • Lastly, finish with a small ribbon to be placed at the upper part of the chick’s head.


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