Crafting A Lollipop Stick Pencil Holder

Here is a quick way to make a lollipop stick  pencil holder. At the end of the year teacher get gifts and this is a great one for your little ones to make something easy and quick they can use themselves or give to their teacher..

Any old Soup Can (ring pull top)
Lollipop Sticks
PVA glue
Elastic Band
acrylic paints/glitter/ribbons for decorating (optional)

stick pot 4

1. Use a soap can that has an easy pull off top. Make sure there are no sharp edges.
2. Put a rubber band around the can (this is to hold the lolly sticks in place).

stick pot 3
3. Glue the sticks around the can, pushing them close together and making sure the bottoms are even. The elastic band will hold the sticks in place.

stick pot 2
4. You can paint or glitter the lollypop sticks or tie a ribbon around the pencil holder.  This is fun, quick and easy for your child to get busy making something. Remember you can decorate the tin with whatever you have around.

stick pot

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