Craft Bracelet Made With Buttons

This is a great quick and fun idea, we have lots of buttons on our website so if you dont have your own to choose from then you only need to check out the button section for all your needs.

Pick out your favourite buttons you want to use, to balance the threaded string, use all 4 or all 2 holed buttons.

What you will need to make this:
A handful of buttons
Waxed cotton thread

button 3

Pick a good variety of buttons to mix it up so you have different colours and textures.


Step 2: Directions

Step 1: Choose your buttons and assemble them side by side near the ruler so you can see how many you will need for your bracelet. An average adult-sized bracelet should be about 7-inches long (that takes about 10 - 12 buttons depending on the size of buttons you are using).

Step 2: Cut a piece of cord. You will need about 15 inches of cord for a bracelet made with 2-holed buttons (2H) or 30 inches if you are using 4-holed buttons (4H).

button 2

Step 3: Tie a loop for the clasp end. For 2H: Double about 2 inches at one end of the cord and tie a knot in it leaving a loop big enough to fit around the end button. For 4H: Double the ENTIRE cord and tie your loop so that the same amount of cord is on each side (you will thread one side of the cord through the top two holes of each button and the other side of the cord through the bottom two holes of each button)

Step 4: String the buttons on the cord to that the cord comes up from the back of each button and then goes back down from the top to the bottom of the button.

Step 5: Tie the last button onto the end of the cord. For 4H bracelets, bring both ends of the cord up from the back of the end button and then tie them together on top. For 2H, just run the cord through both ways and then tie it like you did the first loop (except the end button will be on the loop).

That's it! You're done!

(I can put a little drop of Super Glue or clear nail polish on the knots so they won't work themselves loose.)

button 1

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