Valentines Ideas

  • Valentine Button Heart


    The Materials that you need are:
    1 wooden flat frame about 6” x 6” in size
    Red cloth double the size of your frame
    1 dozen each of 4 Different sizes of white buttons
    Glue Stick
    Glue Gun

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  • Valentine Heart-Shaped Paper Banner

    Valentine Heart Button Banner for your party. Simple and easy to make craft idea to keep your children busy crafting.
  • Felt Ribbon Heart Pillow Case

    Here are the materials that you need:

    Grey Felt Pillow Case (12” x 12”)
    Grey Felt 12” x 6” in size
    2 meters of  10mm red satin ribbon
    2 meters of  10mm pink satin ribbon
    2 meters of  light pink satin ribbon
    Glue Stick
    Glue Gun


    Step 1:  Draw a heart in the middle of the pillow case and set aside.

    Step 2:  Cut the ribbon into strips of 10” in size.

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  • Decorative Button Hanging

    Create a heart shaped template, similar to the one in the picture at the required size. Cut out two hearts from pink felt and one from pink card.

    Use all-purpose glue to stick the three hearts together, sandwiching the card heart between the two felt hearts.

    Cut a 22cm length of 3mm pink ribbon, fold to form a hanging loop and stitch to the centre of the heart. Continue reading

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