• Crafting A Lollipop Stick Pencil Holder

    Here is a quick way to make a lollipop stick  pencil holder. At the end of the year teacher get gifts and this is a great one for your little ones to make something easy and quick they can use themselves or give to their teacher..

    Any old Soup Can (ring pull top)
    Lollipop Sticks
    PVA glue
    Elastic Band
    acrylic paints/glitter/ribbons for decorating (optional)

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  • Crafting Short Cuts

    We have collected a few crafting short-cuts for all our customers which will give you a few "that's how they do that!!! moments. Well we hope they do anyway. We have picked a range of different things which will give you some inspiration. - Enjoy

    How to make teeny polka dots.
    This is how to make tiny poker dots on cards and pictures
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  • Ribbon Halloween Glowing Mummy Light

    Download your own copy to keep and share  Halloween Download

    Halloween Glowing Mummy Light.  This craft project makes use of a recycled jar and a few meters of satin ribbon.  You can make several mummy lamps and place it right outside your front garden, lighting a pathway to your front door for trick or treaters.  Or, if you have an outdoor party on Halloween, you can place them on tables as centrepieces.


    The materials that you need are:

    1 empty jar
    2 black buttons
    6 yards of white satin ribbon
    1 candle / tea light (or battery powered tea light)
    (Adult supervision required if using a candles)
    Glue Stick
    Glue Gun

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  • Felt Witch Can Table Decoration

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    This Halloween craft project is easy to make and it’s called the Felt Witch Can.  The witch has long been a popular symbol for Halloween, as they are often depicted as evil, old, and scary looking.  They have straw like wild hair, big noses, yellow teeth – and don't forget the green skin.  Create your iconic witch by using a recycled can and some felt cloth

    The materials that you will need are:


    A small empty can
    Glue Gun
    Glue Stick
    3 meters of purple satin ribbon
    Black Felt
    Green Felt
    Yellow Felt

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