Christmas Party Ideas

  • Button Christmas Tree Decorations

    These simple to make decorations will give your little ones plenty to do over the break this Christmas time.

    You can use any old buttons you can find but green and brown are a good combination.
    Then you only need some floristry or binding wire.

    Thread three or four small buttons to make the base by looping the wire in a U shape. Then start with a large button for the base of the tree and work up with small buttons changing colours as you go until you have a nice tree shape.

    You can then add a star shape button to the top and give it a few twists to hold the buttons in place.
    Then make a small loop and cut to size to hang from the tree.

    button xmas tree deco

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  • Christmas Crafty Pom Pom Cones

    Here is a super fast super simple mini Christmas tree table decoration for you or your children to enjoy this Christmas time.

    All you need are some pine cones, some pva glue and some pom poms. You can sprinkle with glitter if you like to add a little extra sparkle but that is it. Get our mixed coloured bags of pom poms so you can do different or multi coloured decorations.

    Simple lightly glue the inside of the open pine cones and leave for 30 seconds for the glue to become slightly tacky.

    Then just take your favourite coloured pom poms and glue to the open parts of the pine cones and that is it!!!!

    Merrry Christmas crafting



  • Tasty Christmas Olive Pingu Penguins!

    This is a great way to spice up the olive bowl on Christmas day with Pingu Penguins
    The party food is very simple to make and will really wow your guests and family whilst delivering a north pole feel to your display.
    For all the olive and cheese fans in your family get ready to wow them with this simple fast idea.
    The quantities can vary depending on the number of guests you are expecting so you decide but here is what you need.

    Jar Of Black Olives
    Tub Of Cream Cheese
    Cocktail sticks
    A Few Carrots

    Two small round Camembert to make your Polar display
    Start by cutting one olive in half for the wings and get one whole one for the head
    Trim the carrots and cut into small round discs 1cm wide 5mm thick
    Cut a quarter out of the carrot base to make the feet and use the quarter for the beak
    Place the quarter in the whole olive and leave a little bit poking out to make a beak
    Place a blob of cream cheese on the remainder piece carrot base disk - use a tea spoon to get a round shape
    Now place the split in half olive on either side of the blob of cream cheese to make the wings
    Now push a cocktail stick through the head and place through the remainder of the body and secure into the carrot base for the feet.
    Then make as many as you need for your guests

    Make your display and your away! - Merry Christmas

    pingu penguins

  • Christmas Gingerbread Reindeer

    We posted this image we found online for decorating a gingerbread men for the Christmas party. So we included the image and a recipe for making gingerbread men Reindeer!!! Reindeer Gingerbread

    When you are having your crafting parties over the Christmas period you can make a batch of these gingerbread men and then turn them into Reindeer's!

    Yes very easy just turn them upside down and decorate with icing to create these wonderful reindeer characters.

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  • Christmas Button Wreath

    Button wreaths are easy and fun ornament for kids to make for the Christmas tree. These cute crafts also are great to use as decorations on wreaths, make as garland, or place on a doorknob.

    Supplies that you will need:
    • Various colored buttons of different shapes (or can be the same shape as well)
    • Thin craft wire
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Needle nose pliers

    Cut a piece of thin craft wire with scissors, roughly 6 to 8 inches long.

    Form the cut craft wire into the shape of a circle (just to shape the wire so that the buttons do not fall off).

    Thread the buttons through craft wire (any of the four circles, if you have buttons made like this). Keep threading the buttons onto the craft wire until it is almost completely full when you form it into a circle. Continue reading

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