Autumn Ideas

Crafting Ideas for autumn time, such as your school harvest festival. Crafting is great all year round so we will post great ideas for you to do with your children

  • Easy Roses With Satin Ribbons

    Have you often wondered how they make those beautiful roses made of silk or satin ribbons? They are becoming more and more popular now especially for special occasions such as wedding, christenings and anniversaries. The reason is simple you can keep them forever and they make a wonderful keepsake.
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  • Harvest Festival Apple Wreath

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    Another great children’s craft project is the apple wreath. This is great for decorating blank walls or on your main door as a welcome décor for your guests as they enter your house or class room.
    Adult help supervision required if you going to be doing this with your children

    The materials that you need are:

    image 1

    3" x 8" Coloured Felt – Yellow, Red, Green
    2" x 3" Brown Felt
    8" x 12" Cardboard Paper
    3" x 3" Cardboard Paper
    1 yard of Red Ribbon
    Any Circle Flat Object that fits into a 3" x 3" space
    1 Glue Stick
    Glue Gun
    A Pair of Scissors
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  • Harvest Festival Felt & Button Corn Pencil Holder

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    One of the year's most family-oriented celebrations, the September Harvest Festival is a great time to celebrate and give thanks to the hard work of farmers and the bountiful produce of the earth. Though in today's modern times the actual harvesting is limited to those who actually own farms, this celebration is still a great time to get together with friends and family to serve as a thanksgiving to every blessing that one receives.

    To get in tune with the festivities, it's a fantastic idea to sprinkle your house with one or two decorations to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. Decorations will get your kids excited about activities that are about to take place, and if you're having a celebration at your house, will definitely add that Harvest Festival spirit to your party. Continue reading

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