Button & Felt Headband Craft

This is a quick and easy craft for mums and daughters or any female loved one in your family. You only need to be able to sew, a handful of your favourite buttons and a piece of felt and your imagination.

What you will need to make this craft:

Mixed buttons - matched to felt colour
A4 Felt - any colour
Craft cutter, or scissors
cutting surface
10mm wide or 20mm Black Ribbon - or colour to match felt and buttons

Measure from ear to ear, 12inches should be enough. This headband is 2 in. wide but you can make any width you like. Cut a piece of felt to 12×2 with the  a rotatory cutter or a pair of scissors.Rotary cutters are very easy to use, like cutting up a pizza and it cuts are very precise.

Cut 10mm ribbon into 4 pieces. Make them 17 in. long so you can tie in a bow, you can make them longer or shorter as required.

Then pin and sew the ribbon onto the piece of felt.

Now to the fun part! Sewing on the buttons! I used black upholstery thread, but regular would probably work fine. I doubled up my thread and tied it in a knot. Then started sewing on my buttons. I only went through the holes once.  You will need to re-thread a few times.

I saved all the buttons with the looped back, and after I got to the end of the felt I went back and sewed these buttons in the blank spots.

hairband 8

The finished result is a very stylish headband, you can use any buttons or colours you like, experiment and get creative.

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