Button Egg Carton Flower Craft

This is a great easy craft for your children to create. It's so versatile too, you can use whatever materials you like to create this picture and any different coloured buttons or paints, just let your imagination flow.

This is a great craft for birthday presents, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day Etc. Change the colours to suit the occasion and a masterpiece will follow I'm sure.

What You Will Need TO Create This Craft:

Canvas  or Board About 9″ x 12″ but you can use whatever size you feel comfortable with.

Cardboard Egg Cartons
Water Based Poster Paints - Colours - Up to you
Pipe cleaners – any colours but we used green
Ribbon in coordinating colour
Buttons – Any colour
Craft glue

image 2
To start paint your canvas with any colour of your choice. Remember to give it several coats and then let dry.

image 3

Next you want to cut up the egg cartons. Cut around each egg holder area as this is going make one of the flower buds. Trim each “flower”  bud to have a petal style finish. Young children will require adult supervision here especially with the scissors. If you have a young child then cut out the petals for them.

image 4

Quick tip: You can use the egg carton to hold the paint you are going to use to paint the petals.

image 5

This is what the painted petals look like, give them a few coats to get an even finish on them and let them dry.

image 6

When they are dry you can add some PVA glitter glue to give them a sparkle, The PVA dries clear just leaving the glitter.

image 7

Next take your pipe cleaners and trim them to the right length to create your stems. Then glue them to the canvas or board, it doesn't matter if you don't have green pipe cleaners you can use any colour you like.

image 8

Next use a little blob of PVA in the centre of each petal and glue your buttons on. Again use whatever button colour you like.

image 9

New glue the back of the petals to the canvas and arrange in a bunch of flowers shape. Remember to let the glue dry before you hang your finished piece of art.

You can get most of these materials from our shop, we sell buttons, ribbons and much more

image 10

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