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  • Quick Felt Piggy Bank Craft Idea

    Do you get fed up with your pocket weighing down with loose change? we seem to accumulate it every time we go out shopping. The bottom of my purse can have at least 3 of 4 pounds worth of loose change at anyone time.

    So we have found this great Felt Piggy Bank craft idea that you can take around in your purse and keep your change in one place. A fuzzy, fat pig in the bottom of your purse will be much easier to grab a hold of than loose change.
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  • Craft Bracelet Made With Buttons

    This is a great quick and fun idea, we have lots of buttons on our website so if you dont have your own to choose from then you only need to check out the button section for all your needs.

    Pick out your favourite buttons you want to use, to balance the threaded string, use all 4 or all 2 holed buttons.
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