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  • Fast Easy Hair Clips

    Do you want to help your daughter make some Barbie style super stylish hairpins? Great looking hair pins can be really expensive. So, the best option is to make your own stylish hairpins. You can use colourful mixed buttons and get some great designs.

    DIY Button Hairpins Craft For Kids

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  • Crafting Short Cuts

    We have collected a few crafting short-cuts for all our customers which will give you a few "that's how they do that!!! moments. Well we hope they do anyway. We have picked a range of different things which will give you some inspiration. - Enjoy

    How to make teeny polka dots.
    This is how to make tiny poker dots on cards and pictures
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  • Fathers Day Lollipop Photo Frame

    Make an easy picture frame out of craft sticks or lollipop sticks. Find lots of creative ideas and tips to spice up this simple easy classic craft.

    What you will need

    • Lollipop sticks
    • Cardboard
    • White glue or hot glue gun
    • Poster paint
    • Paint brush
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Photo of Dad
    • Things to decorate your photo frame with: buttons, sequins, felt, pom poms, glitter or whatever you want

    frame 1

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  • Lollipop Stick Note Pad Holder

    This sticky notepad holder is useful and easy to make. Ideal for children aged 6-10.


    Craft Glue
    41 Lollipop Sticks
    Post it note pad
    Felt pens
  • Pom Pom Fathers Day Card

    Here is a great Fathers Day Craft your little ones can make.

    How To Do It

    Print out the word  "Daddy" onto a piece of white heavy paper / card. You could also hand-write it if you don't have a printer. Any kind of paper works, but heavier card will have more durability. Make the printing or writing quite large so that if your child places pom poms over the letters you can still read the word.

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