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  • Button Crafts for Kids on a Rainy Afternoon

    If you've got kids, it’s always ideal to have activities in hand in cases of rainy afternoons. Weekends are supposed to be spent outside or at their friends’ house but when the weather is awful, there’s nothing you can do but to stay in the house.
    While watching TV and playing with their devices are much preferred afternoon activities for the kids of today, you can prevent your kids from doing these by preparing some craft activities that they can do with you.

    Here are 5 Simple Crafts with Buttons that you and Your Kids Can do:

    1. Button Art Greeting Cards – Prepare some cards, markers, paint, glue, and some buttons. Tell your kids to stick buttons wherever on the cards and to draw any image using the button. The buttons could be the wheels of a car, balloons, the middle of flowers, lollipops – just absolutely anything. Once you’re done making them, tell them you’ll set them aside so you’ll have cards ready to give out for special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Grandma’s birthday.
    2. Monogram – Cut out some board paper, about half of a regular A4 size. Prepare some buttons, glue, and pencils. Tell your kids to draw a monogram of the letter of their first name. Once the letter is done, glue on the buttons over the entire letter. You can put holes on the upper corners, tie some ribbon or string, and put them up on the walls of your kids’ room or on their door.
    3. Button Tree – This is perfect for a Spring activity. Prepare some illustration boards, green and brown poster colour, glue, and plenty of buttons. Ask your kids to paint huge trees with branches but without leaves. Once the paint is dry, tell your kids to glue buttons on the trees as if they were the leaves. The more colourful the buttons, the better.
    4. Animal Puppets – Put on a puppet show after making these animal puppets. Prepare brown paper bags, coloured paper, glue, paint, and a few black buttons. Tell your kids to think of an animal they’d want to be. An easy one is a bunny. Draw a circle on pink paper, cut it out and glue on the fold of the upside down brown paper bag. Create other circles to make the face of the bunny. Cut out two long ears and stick on the tip of the brown paper bag. Stick two black buttons to serve as the bunny’s eyes and paint some whiskers. Create other animals for a fun puppet show.
    5. Button Rings – This craft is ideal for girls but boys can join, too. Prepare some big plastic buttons with big holes on them and a few strings of ribbon that can pass through the holes. String a ribbon through the holes of the button, attach to a finger, and tie it by making a bow.

    There are countless crafts with buttons that you can do on a rainy day. All you need to do is prepare the materials before the rainy season arrives, and keep the digital devices away for a productive and fun afternoon at home.

  • Easy Fast Craft Idea With Our Lovely Felt

    What better way to let the kids get creative than to let them create and design their own towns? The sky is the limit to what they can get creative with for this super fun play mat that is easily folded up and stored anywhere.

    Felt Play Mat

    Here is what you will need:

    Anycraft Felt
    Anycraft Glue
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