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  • Craft Your Easter Bunny Cup

    Whilst Easter is a religious holiday one of the most iconic symbols of Easter is the Easter bunny. Though the bunny is never mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of Easter, our tradition has always included it.  Word has it that this tradition was brought to the US by the Germans, through a book that referenced the hare as the one who brings the Easter eggs to the children.
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    Ever since it was practised in the US, the Easter bunny has always become one of the best symbols of Easter.
    If you’re planning on holding an egg hunt for your children, decorating your garden or home is a great idea to make it more lively.  You don’t have to spend too much though because the eggs, the basket, the food, and the prizes already cost a fair penny.  If you have the time this weekend, you can make your very own Easter Sunday decorations with your children using very simple materials.

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